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afbeelding van Marten

Cyan updates: new puzzle game, Steam and iPhone Riven

News on Cyan has been piling up in the past month!  Here is a quick rundown, saving the best for last.

Cyan games on Steam

On August 4th, the same day Cyan announced Manhole launched for iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad, Cyan games began appearing on Steam, though the official announcement didn't hit Cyan's website until August 18th.  The following games are available:

  • The Manhole: Masterpiece Edition
  • Cosmic Osmo and the Worlds Beyond the Mackerel
  • Spelunx and the Caves of Mr. Seudo
  • realMyst
  • Riven: The Sequel to Myst [See note below]
  • Uru: Complete Chronicles

To find them all on Steam, just search for cyan.

Note:  According to the Steam page, the Steam version of Riven: The Sequel to Myst (part of the "Cyan Complete Pack") is not compatible with Windows XP.  Check forum discussion at Myst Online for possible solutions.

Also Note: As of this writing, the Cyan Complete Pack is $19.99.  Manhole Masterpiece and Spelunx are also $19.99 - each - although both are included with the Cyan Complete Pack!

Also Note x2:  Check the screenshots page for Uru: Complete Chronicles for many old Uru development screenshots, including previously unreleased images of an earlier Cleft and Gahreesen.

Cyan launches "Coming Soon" page for Riven on iOS; Riven HD expected for iPad
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afbeelding van Leonardo

Manhole for the iPhone

Today, Mark De Forest (aka Chogon) has announced on the iPhone section of the MystOnline Forums that one of Cyan's first games, The Manhole, is now available on the AppStore and is compatible with iPhones, iTouch and runs smoothly and iPads too!

afbeelding van Leonardo

RAWA speaks

RAWA replied to one of the threads on the MystOnline Forums, entitled "Where is Rand?" to explain, once again, Cyan's situation and the reasons why nothing is being done on MOULa.

He says nothing new on MOULa, but there are some updates about Cyan:

It seems they currently have less than 20 people working on four different projects, one of which is said to be a "large one" that is in consideration at an undisclosed publisher.

afbeelding van Leonardo

RAWA Answers on Open Source and Cyan

RAWA has posted a few answers to the most common questions that the community has been asking lately about Open Source and the Security Measures that were taken.

He gave us a good insight of what's the situation at Cyan Worlds and what he's been doing lately.

Here is the index of the questions he answered:

  1. Is hacking Cyan servers pushing back open source?
  2. Why doesn't Cyan just do x, y, or z, or tell us why they can't?
  3. Why is Cyan threatening to take down MO:ULagain if people continue to exploit security holes in the current game server?
  4. Will the CAVCON level be affected by these updates?
  5. What does Cyan go through to keep Cyan open?
  6. Why won't Cyan ever accept outside help? It's FREE!!!

And seeing the answers we can do anything but Thank Cyan and RAWA for working so hard for Uru!!

afbeelding van Marten

Cyan releases KI Python, discusses peer review for changes

Mark "Chogon" DeForest has been busy this morning, posting several new discussion threads at the Myst Online forums.  Among the new topics:

 The KI Source - python and 3ds Max source files for the KI - in the hopes that fans can improve upon it

Wave Emote Source - provided as a sample of character animation, so that new emotes may be developed

Discussion on Submitting Changes to Cyan - because Cyan cannot review everything, Chogon has proposed that the community develop a peer review mechanism.

And finally:

MOULa released stuff list - as a place to keep a running tally of all sources released thus far.  Includes the 3dsMax 7 development plugin, documentation, plus the new KI source and Wave Emote source links.